Hello, I'm Keval.

Interests: Startups, Econometrics, and Philosophy.

About Me

Here's a short bio written in third-person.
Keval Shah is a Quantitative Researcher with experience working in Advertising and Policy Research. Currently, Keval is exploring startups ideas in Revenue Management, dynamic pricing and Algorithmic mechanism design. Keval grew up in Mumbai, India and emigrated to the United States when he was 19 years old. Previosly, he studied CS at Mumbai University and Loyola Chicago and Data Science/Statistics at the University of Chicago. He's lived in 3 different cities including his hometown Mumbai, Chicago and now San Francisco. He enjoys traveling, tennis and staying active by practicing yoga, riding bike and hiking.

These days he is reading Emerson's Essays, Dale Carnegie, John Maynard Keynes, Hume, Kant, G.E Moore, Plato or some source, derivative or influencer of their work. Game Theory and books on fundamental economics principles have also caught his attention.

Fun-fact: He has taken public transit in every city he's visited and practiced yoga in most of them. His most recent studio visits were in Dubai and Amsterdam.

This page is sporadically updated.